Week of May 1st Tee Times

Connecticut Settles for Distant Second at Tri-States

Connecticut's Tri-State team did not get its repeat this year, but it did fight back on day two of the Matches at Kirkbrae Country Club in Lincoln, R.I., to take second, after trailing both Massachussets and Rhode Island after day-one foursomes.

Connecticut's runner-up finish was a distant one, as  Massachusetts dominated in Wednesday singles, winning 63.5 points against 49.5 for Connecticut and 31 for Rhode Island.

The final score was: Massachusetts 140.5, Connecticut 81, Rhode Island 66.5. 

For the Connecticut side in Wednesday singles, Michael Thompson and Bob Murphy, Jr., each won 5.5 of 6 points. Richard Stevens and Dan Murphy (who had led Connecticut scorers on day one) had 5. Murphy, with partners, accounted for thirteen points over the two days. 

Former UConn Jimmy Hervol and teammate Herbie Aikens each won six for the winning side, making it a perfect tournament for Hervol, who with his partners also won six in each of the foursomes matches. 

Massachusetts now has 36 total wins in the tournament, in which each team comprises 10 top mid-amateur players plus six top senior players from each state.


After day one at Kirkbrae Country Club in Lincoln, R.I., Roger Everin's Connecticut team faced a virtually insurmountable task in its attempt to repeat as Tri-State champions. 

The team from Massachusetts amassed 77 points, against 35.5 for Rhode Island and 31.5 for the CSGA team.  Massachusetts led after morning foursomes, with 31.5 to 22.5 for Rhode Island and 18 for Connecticut. In the afternoon Massachusetts took 45.5 points, sweeping five of the 8 matches and winning either 5 or 5.5 points in the other three. 

For the CSGA team, Dan Murphy, who played with partners Richard Stevens in the morning, Mike Kennedy in the afternoon faired best, accumulating eight points total. 

At stake Wednesday were 96 points, with each player competing for a total of six points against an opponent from both Massachusetts and Rhode Island. It would take a lottery-like miracle for Connecticut to repeat. The second-day battle really was a fight for second, Connecticut vs. Rhode Island. 

Connecticut hopes had been higher going in.

With lopsided wins (again) in both the Julius Boros Challenge Cup in May and the New England Junior Boys Invitational in August, the team of 16 of Connecticut’s best amateurs had hoped to extend the three-tournament streak through 2019.

In 2018 Connecticut amassed an incredible 55 points in singles to win for a record 40th time, 103-102 over Massachusetts. 

“The theme this year is to keep the streak alive,” said Everin said prior to the Matches. “I love the enthusiasm and pride our guys bring to these matches. Win or lose, that never gets old.”