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One Day Tournament FAQs

Select a question below for answers to the most frequently asked questions about CSGA One Day Tournaments.

One Day Tournaments allow golfers of all ages and abilities to participate in a casual and fun atmosphere and compete for great prizes at a professionally run event. All tournaments are open to any golfer who holds an active CSGA/GHIN handicap index from either a CSGA member club, or by joining the CSGA online. This popular series provides several opportunities to play premier golf courses throughout the state, and earn pro shop merchandise prizes in either the gross or net category of your division. Play one, two or as many events as your schedule will allow, there is no minimum requirement.
The $75 entry fee for each One Day tournament includes:
  • – Green fees
  • – Golf cart
  • – Prizes (given to the top four finishers in each division on average)
  • – The Top 15 finishers, including ties, in each gross and net division will receive points for the One Day Tournament Player of the Year, sponsored by Chris Cote’s Golf Shop.
  • – The top 5 finishers, including ties, in each gross division will also receive Tettelbach or Siderowf Player of the Year points.

Registration for One Day Tournaments opens ten to thirteen days prior to the event as noted on the One Day Tournament Schedule. Online registration opens at 7:00 a.m. on that date, and closes six days prior.

CSGA members may sign up in the “Apply Online” portion of the One Day section of our website. During the online registration period, players select their tee time and sign up as a solo player, twosome, threesome or foursome before paying and confirming their entry. Participants may only pay by Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit cards when signing up online. Participants may also sign up by calling the CSGA office at (860) 257-4171 during the registration period.

Due to the popularity of the One Day series, it is recommended that you sign up at 7:00am on the registration open date for the best tee time availability; most venues will book up completely on opening day within the first ½ hour.

CSGA One Day tournaments are open to men and women of all ages and abilities. Participants should have a current CSGA/USGA Handicap Index. If you don’t have a handicap, refer to the Handicapping section of our website menu bar to learn how to obtain a CSGA/GHIN handicap, either through a member club, or by joining the CSGA online. New this year are two additional Siderowf (55+) only events, and two Women/Tettelbach (Under 55) only events. Women are eligible to participate in any One Day series event but are will have their own Women’s division at the two Women/Tettelbach only tournaments.
The tees to be used will be determined by the overall length and difficulty of the golf course. Typical yardage for the Tettebach (Open) Division is 6,300 yards, and typical yardage for the Siderowf (Senior) division is 6,100 yards. Women will have their own specific yardage at the Women/Tettelbach events. Within the Siderowf division, there is a forward tee option at most courses at about 5800 yards that seniors can choose to play and participate in the net competition only. When setting up the golf course with the host club, the CSGA emphasizes having a fun overall experience at these events. We also set up golf courses to help with pace of play issues by skipping a tee time every hour, and encouraging “ready golf” with our players. CSGA Rules Officials are on site to assist with rulings and act as spotters to improve pace of play too.
No, you may sign up as a single, group of two, group of three or group of four. Generally the groupings are made in fours, so if you have less than four in your group, we will group you with other people based on your division and similar Course Handicaps.
Yes, when signing up online, you will be asked for any grouping requests prior to submitting payment for your entry. You will need the birthdate and GHIN number for each person that you are registering in order to sign everyone up for the correct division. If phoning the CSGA to register, you may provide the same information and we will fulfill your request to be paired with certain players.
Carts are usually mandatory in the series, however, walking has been allowed as requested due to COVID-19 concerns. Caddies are not allowed. These policies are strictly enforced during CSGA One Day Tournaments for pace of play reasons.
The top four (4) finishers, or more depending on the size of the field, in the Gross and Net Divisions of the Tettelbach and Siderowf Divisions will receive prizes in the form of pro-shop credit, redeemable at the host club. At the season ending Al Acker One Day Championship, the top three finishers in each division of the Chris Cote’s One Day Player of the Year Contest will receive merchandise gift cards to Chris Cote’s Golf Shops.

When you finish in the top five including ties in the gross or net open (Tettelbach) or senior (Siderowf) division at any One Day tournament, you’re eligible to participate at the beautiful Wethersfield Country Club for our showcase invitational event, the Al Acker One Day Championship in mid-October. After the last regular One Day tournament, all of the eligible qualifiers in each division will be ranked using their highest One Day Player of the Year points accrued in the 2022 season from either the net or gross category. The first 54 players on the ranked list of eligible players for each division (Tettelbach and Siderowf) will be extended an invitation to play and register for the One Day Championship at the $95 fee. Additional qualifiers on the ranked list for each division (Tettelbach and Siderowf) will be alternates, invited to play and register if players decline the invitation and space becomes available.

The CSGA awards a One Day Tournament Player of the Year in both the Open and Senior Divisions, Gross and Net. Players will accumulate points based on their finishes in One Day Tournaments throughout the season. A total of $4,000 in merchandise certificates donated by Chris Cote’s Golf Shop will be awarded to the top three finishers in each division, for a total of twelve winners!

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Yes, the Rules of Golf govern play at CSGA One Day Tournaments but your knowledge of the Rules should not deter you from participating. Rules Officials are on hand to assist you during and after your round.
Players who finish in the money, usually the top four finishers in the gross and net categories of both the Open and Senior division, will receive an email shortly after the event. The email will notify them of how much merchandise credit they earned, and will include a certificate attachment that they should bring with them to the host club Pro Shop to redeem their winnings.

The CSGA, in conjunction with the host club, makes every attempt to play the golf tournament as scheduled and therefore, will seldom cancel an event in advance based on the forecast. Events are cancelled solely because the course has become unplayable, or conditions are not safe for the players. There are three places to look for a message on the morning of the event to see if your tournament has been delayed or cancelled: 1) an email message will be sent to the contact information you submitted with your registration; 2) a “flash message” will be scrolling on top of the Tournament Home Page at the link where you received your tee time and pairings; 3) a message will be posted on the Home Page of our website,, however please note that the website posting will have about a twenty minute delay from the other two places due to the system capabilities and should not be relied upon as your first notification.

If the CSGA cancels the event, everyone who registered and paid for the tournament will be issued a full refund. If you decide not to play, and the event is held, you will not receive any refund. In order to cancel in advance of a One Day tournament you are registered for and receive a full refund, you must notify the CSGA office by phone (860) 257- 4171 or email no later than 24 hours before the event. In the event that weather forces a round that is started to be halted, you will not receive a refund.