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Course Handicap™ Calculator

Enter your Handicap Index® (The maximum Handicap Index a player can have is 54.0) and Slope Rating™ (55 to 155)

Handicapping Definitions

Course Handicap: This is the handicap you play with at a particular course. It is based on the conversion of your USGA Handicap Index using the Course Handicap Table.

Course Rating: This is the evaluation of a course’s playing difficulty for a scratch golfer under normal course and weather conditions.

Equitable Stroke Control: All scores for handicap purposes, including tournament scores, are subject to the application of Equitable Stroke Control (ESC). This mandatory procedure reduces high hole scores for handicap purposes in order to make handicaps more representative of a player’s potential ability.

Home Course Handicap: This is the handicap you use at your home course from your most commonly used set of tees. As a matter of convenience, the MGA prints your home course handicap on your handicap reports.

Slope Rating: It is not simply a measure of playing difficulty. It is a comparative evaluation of how a course plays for the scratch player vs. the bogey player. The Slope Rating for courses of standard difficulty for men and women is 113.

USGA Handicap Index: This is your official handicap. It is the measurement of a player’s potential scoring ability on a course of standard playing difficulty (113 slope). It is expressed as a number taken to one decimal place and is used for conversion to a Course Handicap.