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Connecticut Finishes Runner-Up at 81st Tri-State Matches

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Connecticut 54.5 Massachusetts 62 Rhode Island 45.5

By Becky Blaeser, Massachusetts Golf Association

It was another record-setting day for the 12-person team from Massachusetts.

The Bay State contingent continued to make history by capturing an 11th straight Tri-State Matches title this afternoon. This year’s event was hosted by Tumble Brook Country Club in Bloomfield, Connecticut. No other state has been able to accomplish such a feat since the event was formally introduced in 1928. In its more than 80-year history, no other team has been able to claim that many titles in a row.

With its most recent victory, Massachusetts now lays claim to 32 Tri-State Matches titles and is narrowing the gap with Connecticut (39), which still leads the race for overall titles.

On this day, the Bay State team rallied from a 1.5-point deficit following the foursome matches on Thursday to win the title by 7.5 points over host Connecticut. Massachusetts finished with 62 points, while Rhode Island came in third with 45.5 points.

Leading the charge by capturing the maximum six points on Friday in his singles match was Alex Stimpson (Woods Hole GC). Stimpson, who is a two-time Massachusetts Four-Ball Champion, dominating in his singles match against Benjamin Day (CT) and Dr. George Pirie (RI). One day earlier, Stimpson combined with John Kelly (Twin Hills CC) to capture 5.5 out of a possible six points in their foursome match. As a result, Stimpson finished as the top Bay State point getter this year.


Final Results

Thursday, October 9
12:00 p.m. – Foursome Match Play

Foursomes Match Play

Connecticut Massachusetts Rhode Island
12:00pm Szewczul-Vasington 4 Reycroft-Houghton 3.5 McNally-Goryl 1.5
12:10pm Romaniello-Torza 5 Smith-Carter 3.5 Acciardo-McLane 0.5
12:20pm Hrostek-Zagaski 2.5 Clapp-Higgins 1.5 Blaser-Quigley 5
12:30pm Dietz-Violet 2.5 Burke-Riley 3.5 Hoffman-Pelletier 3
12:40pm Owens-Day 5.5 Jeffers-Guthrie 2 Hamilton-Pirie 1.5
12:50pm Foster-Ballo 1.5 Kelly-Stimpson 5.5 Grossguth-Lukowicz 2


Friday, October 10
9:00 a.m. Shotgun – Singles Match Play

Singles Match Play

Connecticut Massachusetts Rhode Island
Bill Torza 0.5 Don Reycroft 3 Dave McNally 5.5
Dave Szewczul 6 Dave Houghton 2.5 Tom Goryl 0.5
Jim Romaniello 6 Bruce Carter 2.5 Tom Acciardo 0.5
Mark Vasington 5.5 Kevin Smith 3.5 Gary McLane 0
Mike Zagaski 1 Doug Clapp 5.5 Paul Quigley 2.5
Chet Hrostek 2.5 Jordan Burke 5.5 Mike Hamilton 1
Brent Dietz 5 Ryan Riley 1 Jamie Lukowicz 3
Kevin Foster 4.5 John Kelly 1.5 Rob Grossguth 3
Benjamin Day 2 Alex Stimpson 6 Dr. George Pirie 1
Addison Owens 0.5 Alex Jeffers 3 Ryan Pelletier 5.5
Peter Ballo 0 J.C. Guthrie 5.5 Kyle Hoffman 3.5
Rob Violet 0 Brian Higgins 3 Kevin Blaser 6