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GSB and Wethersfield Country Club

(January 25, 2024) – In 2018, Wethersfield Country Club and GSB (Guilford Savings Bank), the Official Bank of the CSGA, began a partnership that has been an overwhelming success for both parties.

The partnership began in 2018 when Wethersfield CC elected to seek financing from GSB and utilize its deposits and cash management services.

“They make it easy to work with them. There is something to be said about working with a local bank that’s committed to businesses in the community,” Wethersfield CC controller Cathy Mandile said. “You benefit from both the personalized service and the right solutions. I don’t think there has ever been a time when I haven’t gotten ahold of a person or didn’t talk to a person. They are always prompt with attention to detail and always ready to assist with any issues that I have had. They come down to visit the club at least two to three times a year, which I think is great. I think it is great for someone in the banking industry to come down and see one of their customers and to see how we operate. I think it is wonderful.”

When Mandile first heard that Wethersfield CC would be working with GSB, which has worked with multiple golf courses and country clubs throughout the state, her initial thought was how are we going to work with a bank along the shore when we deposit transactions? The answer? Well, it was simple. GSB provided a check scanning machine that Mandile leaves on her desk. “I can honestly say, thanks to their technology and stellar service, I have never needed to visit any branch location,” Mandile continued.

GSB, opened in 1875, is a local community bank with eight branches serving personal, business, and commercial banking needs across the state of Connecticut.

“Our market area is the state of Connecticut. We can accommodate any golf course or country club within the state. So, if the company, the borrower, the real estate is located within the borders we have an opportunity to finance it,” explained GSB EVP and Chief Lending Officer Lyle Fulton. “We can source deposits and manage cash management services through our technology and digital solutions so that the client has everything they need to operate seamlessly and efficiently.”

In addition to its strong digital offerings, what sets GSB apart is its continued dedication to one-on-one customer service.

“I have had numerous instances where I have had to call with something or Cathy has had to call and we get a response immediately,” said former Wethersfield CC president and longtime member Bob Peters. “They are very responsive, their rates are what we consider to be very competitive, and the services they provide are seamless for us, so it works out well.”

Elaborating on GSB’s customer service Fulton said, “We have individuals that are willing to meet with people on a one-on-one basis at any time. As a Connecticut institution, we offer the ability to interact and establish a relationship that fits the client’s needs. In terms of the clubs themselves, we offer the opportunity to meet with any of the clubs on a one-on-one basis to discuss what we can offer on a financing as well as a deposit and wealth management standpoint. Our mission is to be ‘The only Bank You’ll Ever Need,’ and that is for both consumer and commercial clients. We hope to be a one-stop financial institution for anyone in need of financial services.”

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