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Q&A with 2022 P.J. Boatwright Intern Luke Yaroscak

Luke Yaroscak takes scores during an event.

(September 9, 2022) – This year the Connecticut State Golf Association welcomed three USGA P.J. Boatwright Interns. We talked to each of them about their experiences during their internship and about how the internship will help them in the future.

Our first conversation was with Luke Yaroscak who graduated from Auburn University in December of 2021. Yaroscak began his internship in April and remained with the CSGA until early September when he began a job as a sales associate for Summit Golf Brands. One of Yaroscak’s first assignments will be to assist at the President’s Cup in late September at Quail Hollow.

CSGA: You attended Auburn. What was your degree in?

Luke Yaroscak: I graduated from Auburn in December of 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in marketing.

CSGA: What led you to the CSGA internship?

LY: After I graduated I was looking for jobs in the golf world and happened to find the Boatwright internship with the CSGA. After reading more about the position I decided that it would be a good fit for me to gain a foundation in the golf industry and learn more about the game and everything that surrounds it.

CSGA: What did you learn during your internship?

LY: During my time with the CSGA as a Boatwright intern, I learned many things but the most impactful would be learning how to properly run a golf tournament and all the moving parts that need to be done in order to have tournament days run smoothly.

CSGA: How do you hope this internship helps your career?

LY: My goal for my career is to be involved in the golf industry in some capacity so building a foundation with the CSGA will be beneficial. This internship has already proved invaluable as it helped me land my new position with Summit Golf Brands.

CSGA: What are some skills you have learned during the internship that will help you in your career?

LY: Some key skills I have learned during this internship are proper communication and organization. The days leading up to tournaments and tournament days can be hectic if not properly planned so having great communication and organization is necessary to have all parts run smoothly. These skills are definitely something I will continue to implore throughout my career.

CSGA: You are a golf fan. When did you start playing golf and what role does golf play in your life?

LY: I got my first set of clubs for my 10th birthday and would play a few times a year. Once I got to college, I started to play more often because I could play and practice year-round. Now golf plays a big role in my life, it has become a passion of mine and I hope to have a career in the golf industry.

CSGA: Did you play golf in high school?

LY: I did not play competitive golf in high school, only casual rounds. I played lacrosse all four years.

CSGA: What is your best golf moment?

LY: My best moment in golf would be in 2020 during the pandemic, my dad and I drove from New York to Auburn to play along the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. Our golf was not the best but it is a memory that will stick with me forever.

CSGA: Away from golf and work what are some of your hobbies?

LY: Outside of golf some of my hobbies include fishing and boating during the summer, skiing in the winter, and in general just being a sports fanatic.

CSGA: What did you enjoy most about the internship?

LY: The most enjoyable part of this internship for me is interacting with the club professionals and developing relationships with the golfers in Connecticut.

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